Sport Chek Anthems

Sport Chek / 2014

With over 450 individual screens, Sport Chek’s digital flagship stores offer a unique opportunity to engage with customers. Arc was hired to design and produce a series of immersive store-wide Anthems to inspire and motivate visitors.



Arc designed three distinct Anthems celebrating sport and personal achievement: Train, Compete, and Win. Each Anthem takes over all the screens in-store at once, creating a seamless experience for visitors as they move throughout the store.

Designing content to exist across many screens simultaneously (in various arrays of different shapes and sizes) presented a unique set of challenges. We wanted to create something coherent and cohesive while taking advantage of the different display types in-store. Sport Chek employees were chosen as athletes to keep content relevant to the customer while underlining the philosophy and expertise of the Sport Chek brand.



Production took place over 5 days across 4 cities in Ontario and Alberta. Content was specifically filmed for custom shape/size display-arrays.

Each Anthem featured athletes (actual Sport Chek employees) partaking in 5 different sports. Action footage of soccer, tennis, crossfit, golf, and cycling, was edited together across a variety of different display shapes and sizes. Visuals were paired with a store-wide soundtrack to create a sense unity.

Covering the action from different angles on each display-type provided a unique perspective for customers, depending on where they view within the store.

Check out how it looks in-store here.

Nymi for Enterprise

Nymi / 2015

After the success of their initial launch video, Nymi asked us to produce a new video showing the capabilities of their band for enterprise. The graphics help tell the story without relying on a voice over.

Kik Bots

Kik / 2016

An explainer video that takes the act of explaining right back to its roots – explaining technology to your parents.

Clearpath Otto Trailer

Clearpath / 2015

This short, impactful video for Clearpath's new robot get the viewer hyped while still providing them with valuable information about the robot's capabilities.

SJU New Building

St Jerome's University / 2016

By shooting in St Jerome's new residence building while construction was still underway, this promo video gives viewers a sneak peek inside and lets them imagine what their life might be like within its walls.

Unconventional Displays

Sport Chek / 2013 - 2015

With over 450 individual screens, Sport Chek and Atmosphere’s digital flagship stores offer a unique opportunity to engage with customers. We designed and produced unique content in 5K to fit across a wide variety of screens and aspect ratios, creating an in-store experience unlike any other.


Screen Types

Escalator Mosaic

The West Edmonton flagship store features a large escalator between Sport Chek on the first floor and Atmosphere on the second. When customers move from one store to the other, their digital experience transitions with them. 18 high definition displays are arranged in unique arrays on the wall beside the escalator. While screens at the bottom feature Sport Chek sports, screens up top showcase Atmosphere activities. As an added experiential element, the locations of each vignette increase in altitude as well. We begin in the Edmonton Oilers’ arena, transition to follow cyclists and hikers climbing up hills, and finally arrive at the second floor with winter campers at the top of a mountain. We shot both “active” and “inactive” video content for each sport – as a customer passes by each screen, the associated content comes to life as they watch.

Interactive Wall Content

Various departments have large arrays of displays that are formatted for very high resolution content. Arc created unique experiences for each division including skiing, snowboarding, and cycling. Content in each zone featured short vignettes with extreme slow motion shots and motion graphics designed to educate customers on the sport.

Tunnel Entrance

Tunnel entrances welcome customers into the stores and are their first interaction with digital content. Scenes are timed to create short, high-impact experiences as shoppers walk between two arrays of screens. Scenes include mountain bikers bombing a course, crossfit athletes pushing a sled, a tennis rally, and soccer players on an offensive attack.

Monolith and Power Ring

The monolith and power rings are massive unconventional displays that are visible from both Sport Chek and Atmosphere zones. A particularly interesting monolith feature includes a long take of a rock climber scaling a 50 foot cliff. This shot was framed so that the athlete appears life sized – as if they were scaling the actual display. Other content included atmospheric vignettes of golfers, cyclists, trail runners, tennis players, etc.


In Store Pictures

Meet Vidyard

Vidyard / 2013

A piece-to-camera homepage video designed to compel website visitors to start a trial account or request a demo.

Travel Like a Local

Tripzaar / 2013

Shot in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Costa Rica, this adventure tourism ad features real-life tours and guides.

Myo Launch Video

Thalmic Labs / 2013

A viral 90 second spot for a tech start-up designed to drive pre-order sales and raise investment capital. It has received over 5 million views.

Rockstar Aerial Shoot

Mark Freeman #408 / 2013

A collaboration with Mark Freeman, Rockstar Energy, and Arc Media. Very cool to film and watch!

RideCo Explainer

Transit Labs / 2015

There's nothing quite like a cheap, door-to-door transit to grandma's house. This story-based video draws viewers in and doesn’t feel like a traditional commercial.

Introducing the Shift

Perceptiv Labs / 2015

The launch video we designed and produced for the Perceptiv Shift was shot in sunny California and features, obviously, plenty of aerial footage.

Nymi Launch Video

Bionym / 2013

Simple yet well-executed graphics show off the world your world could be if you wore the Nymi. We've gotta say, it's a pretty awesome world.

Collaborate with Taskhop

Esna Software / 2015

A short, sweet, and somewhat silly online promo designed to make viewers realize how important Esna really is when it comes to office collaboration.

Esna Cloudlink

Esna Software / 2013

Esna's collaboration software is as easy to use as a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is to eat - but way, way more useful.

Bufferbox Explainer

Bufferbox / 2013

A quirky homepage video that shows BufferBox’s value proposition and explains how to use BufferBox to receive packages.

Infinite Intelligence

Blue Rover / 2013

Sweet music, a futuristic feel, and a damn cool product make this launch video widely appealing to a wide variety of potential customers.

Skyranger Launch

Aeryon Labs / 2013

In-scene motion graphics combine with actual product footage to show off the value, use cases, and impressive technology behind the Skyranger.