FocusMotion Launch

FocusMotion / 2015

A highly stylized piece that uses rich in-scene graphics to explore the various use cases of FocusMotion's wearable SDK.

Communitech – Corporate Innovation

Communitech / 2016

Featuring big name speakers and a range of gorgeous, unconventional interview locations, this video for Communitech's Corporate Innovation program is full of surprises.

Kik Codes

Kik / 2015

Two back to back videos show off how Kik Codes work in a cute and quirky manner. The 15 second video length makes these perfect for social media and ensures the audience stays engaged until the very end.

Myo Retail Display

Thalmic Labs / 2015

Two years after their viral launch video, Thalmic asked us to reboot their product video with updated use cases and a more modern feel. A very cool challenge for Arc! This video now lives online and in their display cases in retail stores.


Vidyard / 2015

There's nothing quite like a 10 foot branded cardboard spaceship - especially when you stick it in the middle of an office and fill it with disco lights and a smoke machine.

TritonWear Launch

TritonWear / 2015

We shot overnight with Olympic Medalist Brent Hayden to show off the Triton: the first waterproof wearable for swimmers.

Igloo Explainer

Igloo Software / 2015

Four teammates, one presentation, and two pandas - all in one very productive Igloo.

Myo for Presentations

Thalmic Labs / 2015

A 59 second aesthetic piece that keeps the character narratives at the forefront and the product subtle – illustrating how easily Myo becomes a part of its wearer.

First Time Flying

University of Waterloo Aviation / 2014

We spent a few days up in the air with Chelsea-Anne Edwards to show off the sheer awesomeness of Waterloo's Aviation Program.

Presto Pass Explainer

Metrolinx / 2014

A series of four videos explaining, in detail, how to use the new Presto Pass. Each video covers a different aspect of using the pass, tackling the "small print" in a way users would be sure to understand.

Communitech Helps

Communitech / 2014

What do a goat, a magnet, and a dashing actor all have in common? There's only one way to find out. (Psst - It's to watch the video)