Blitzen / 2015

A short, groovy animated piece with cool music and a slick transitions.

Beacon for the Brightest

University of Waterloo / 2016

A kinetic typography video for the University of Waterloo featuring simple, clean graphics and a bold colour palate.

SJU Animated Series

St Jerome's University / 2016

This series of four short animated videos are designed to illustrate the feeling of living and studying at St Jerome's. The typography and animations grow as the videos progress, keeping the audience engaged as they watch.

City of Cambridge Planning and Development

City of Cambridge / 2014

This video for the city of Cambridge takes a typical "whiteboard" style approach and elevates it with some added flare.

Avaya – Introducing Zang

Avaya / 2016

This video takes a unique, constellation-style approach to animation, with shapes and lines morphing into new shapes as needed to tell the Zang story.


Tripspark / 2015

Rich colours and flat design are well suited to telling Tripspark's connected transportation story.