SlowMo Booth & Video Production 101: Arc Media at Vidyard’s Spacecamp

We just got back from SpaceCamp, a video marketing conference held by the fine folks at Vidyard. We heard some great talks, ran a workshop, and threw confetti at people (we also flew in to San Francisco on the same flight as Chris Hadfield which, we won’t lie, was pretty exciting). The show was packed with speakers with innovative ideas and eager marketers looking to improve their video strategies.

Arc also had a SlowMo booth where we shot spacecampers with squid hats, glitter, slinkies etc. at high speeds on our Red Epic camera system. As expected, chaos ensued – take a look at the final cut.

The guys from Vidyard don’t mess around. Blake took a gloved-handed slap to the face with a mouth full of glitter. Michael had some oompf behind the swing, and I can only imagine that Blake is still finding glitter in between his molars. Here’s a full speed look from behind the scenes.

And a few photos of the chaos:

Our workshop, “Video Production 101”, was a crash course for marketers on how to produce their own video content. We teach some video design courses at the University of Waterloo, and we really wanted to get across some of the most important stuff we teach in this talk. We jammed a lot of content into 45 minutes, and definitely breezed through some important information, but hopefully everyone learned a thing or two. If you’d like any more details on what we taught you, please check out our powerpoint here, or reach out to us for more info.

Thanks again to the Vidyard team for involving us in such an incredible event. It was awesome meeting so many great people with exciting ideas in video marketing.

If we met at the conference and you want to chat – please don’t hesitate to reach out: Andrew (at)

Looking forward to doing it again next year.